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Young Adult's category: Tras la sombra del brujo, by Francisco Díaz Valladares

Julen is a young boy who lives in United States, but he is proud of his African heart. Maybe because he was raised there before he went to America, maybe because his adorable grandfather still lives and works there as an anthropologist. Or maybe because he remembers fondingly his childhood spent there with her Masai “sister”, Élodi.

His visits to the African continent had always meant quietness, far away from noises, hustles and bustles of the city. But, this time, something has changed: an old lonely lion has started killing humans of nearby villages.

Buku, a sorcerer who manipulates and spreads the panic among the locals, has convinced them that the old anthropologist is behind the lion’s killings.

Julen and his grandfather have no choice but to prove that Buku is wrong, and so they will need the invaluable help of Kanja, a quiet and brave Masai always stuck to his spear.

Tras la sombra del brujo is an action fiction in which the reader can glimpse the different landscapes of the rich African nature, and how this richness plus the interest of human beings to exploit it lead to many problems in the continent.


“Pablo followed with his gaze the direction indicated by his grandson.
He did not notice anything.
“Under the tree” Kanja said.
Then he saw it, absolutely still, crouching by the trunk of the tree. The reddish mane, barely visible, was disguised by the color of the foliage. Nevertheless, the criminal eyes, the yellowish bright color as two stars in the night. The three men remained static, attracted by the seduction of the look that kept them trapped. The grandfather reacted and moved up his riffle to his face. Through the telescopic sight he looked at the lion’s eyes. The lion stared him as if it knew he was going to shoot him.
The feline stood up and roared.
Pablo took a deep breath and kept the air on the lungs to avoid the breathing movements altering the shooting objective.
The beast focused its attention to the hunter again.”

Francisco Díaz Valladares

Biographical Profile

Francisco Díaz Valladares was born in Seville but has adopted Cádiz as his home. Since he left the village of Aljarafe at the age of nineteen, he has spent much of his life time travelling...